Debutify Shopify Theme Review

Shopify is the leading platform for e-commerce. But apart from it being an all-in-one-platform, you must know that how you choose your theme has an impact to your store’s performance. What you do in the backend of your theme has an impact on your customer’s front-end experience too.

Debutify is a Shopify theme touted as one that can “explode your sales.” But is this true?

What I want to do here today is to explore how these theme works. We will cover the following topics in this Debutify Shopify theme review:

  • What is the Debutify Shopify Theme?
  • What are the features of Debutify Shopify Theme?
  • Advantages of using Debutify Shopify theme
  • Customer Feedback about Debutify

At the end of this review, you should be able to decide if this theme is worth your time.

What is the Debutify Shopify Theme?

Debutify is offered by its creators as the highest sales-converting theme. It is made especially for dropshipping, print-on-demand, and branded Shopify ecommerce stores.

This theme is by far the best free Shopify theme available, but it also has different paid features that I will break down further in this article. The theme comes with over 30 “add-ons” which are essentially built in apps, removing the need to install a heap of additional apps on your store.

It now has more than 100,000 users and its user base is growing rapidly. Installing it is a one-click process, plus, it is very easy to use and is free of charge. The free plan gives you annual support and updates too.

Whilst Debutify is free to use, there are a heap of paid add-ons that are highly recommended. The free version allows you access to the exclusive Facebook group, but the features included in the paid plans will save you a lot of money in the long run.

How Much is Debutify?

As already mentioned, the base theme is free to use (check it out here) but when you are ready to start installing apps on your Shopify store, you should consider upgrading to one of the Debutify paid plans. You will end up saving a heap of money in the long run.

Starter Plan – $114 per Year or $19 per Month

  • 3 Exclusive Add-Ons
  • 5 Days per Week English Support
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group
  • Free Yearly Upgrades and Support

Hustler Plan – $282 per Year or $47 per Month

  • 7 Exclusive Add-Ons
  • 5 Days per Week English Support
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group
  • Free Yearly Upgrades and Support

Guru Plan – $582 per Year or $97 per Month

  • All Current and Future Features and Add-Ons
  • 5 Days per Week English Support
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group
  • Free Yearly Upgrades and Support
  • Private Mentoring FB Group
  • Winning Dropshipping Products
  • Ecommerce Courses

You should also put into consideration that an annual payment will cost you 50% less compared to the monthly payment.

All in all, Debutify is a theme that crosses over some functionalities. What this means is that instead of investing in an app that you would typically pay for, several of these apps are already baked into the Debutify theme. For example, you can create shopping cart discounts with the theme—you no longer have to download this app from another developer.

What are the Features of Debutify: Shopify Theme?

Let us take a look at the many features of the theme. Note that not all these features are accessible. You can only get all these features if you buy the Guru Plan. The Starter and Hustler Plans do include a small selection of these add-ons however.

This is not to say that you must buy the Guru Plan, but when you break it down it’s great value. You can visit the Debutify pricing page to see what features go with each plan.

Here are the features of the theme: 

  • Add-to-Cart Animation – this add-on gives you an option to make your page more appealing by making the Add to Cart button animated.
  • Cart Countdown – this allows you to put a timer on the buyer’s cart.
  • Cart Discount – this gives the customer a chance to input vouchers and discount codes before checking out the products.
  • Cart Goal – offers free shipping for the products if a certain amount is reached.
  • Chat Box – displays a chat box that directly links to your messaging platform.
  • Collection Add-to-Cart – an option that makes it easier for the user to scroll and choose among the products by displaying a variant selector and an add-to-cart button under each product.
  • Color Swatches – this gives you the choice to add color/image swatches to your product options.
  • Cookie Box – an add-on that will make your website comply to the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Delivery Time – will display an approximate delivery time of the products bought.
  • Discount Saved – it will show the discount amount on the product page for on-sale variants.
  • F.A.Q. Page – create a display on your page where you can show the answers to the most frequent questions asked by customers.
  • Inventory Quantity – a feature that will show the product’s available stocks.
  • Linked Options – an option where you will be able to hide the sold out and unavailable variant options.
  • Live View – it will display the number of people viewing your product page.
  • Mega Menu – allows you to create an advanced menu layout for an easier access to all the product features.
  • Newsletter Pop-Up – create newsletter subscription that pops up. This is going to pop-up if the customer has shown an exit intent. You can reward a customer with a coupon code before he even leaves your store.
  • Product Tabs – make your look more organized by displaying tabs on your product page.
  • Product Video – allows you to add videos to your product images.
  • Quick View – allows the user to quickly view product details and display.
  • Sales Countdown – displays a sales countdown in your product page.
  • Sales Pop – will feature will show a notification of past purchases
  • Shop Protect – and add-on that will protect your shop’s content and will help you avoid others from copying your products.
  • Skip Cart – enables the buyer to skip the cart page and proceed to checkout immediately.
  • Smart Search –improves your page search results and will help users find what they are looking for quicker.
  • Sticky Add-to-Cart –displays a sticky add-to-cart bar.
  • Trust Badge – add a trust badge under the add-to-cart and checkout buttons.
  • Upsell Bundles – displays products that are frequently bought in bundles.
  • Upsell Pop-Ups – this will show an upsell pop-up when a user adds a product to their cart.

These are only the current features available if the theme is to be purchased with a paid plan. This does not include those that are still coming soon because the application updates weekly.

The only thing it does not have is a review software where your customers can leave a product review.

As you can see, the theme is built to improve your conversion. At a price point of $582 per year, you are paying only $48 per month. At first, $48 may seem like a stretch.

However, you have to realize that if you download apps and pay for them, you can easily spend more than $100 per month. A products description tabs app alone can cost $15 per month. Then, if you add a bundling or upsell app, this is going to cost you another $15 per month at least.

If you go the app route, you will spend a lot of money on apps that may not even work well with your theme. With Debutify Shopify theme, you only pay $48 per month with an assurance that all of its features work seamlessly on your store.

Advantages of Using Debutify Shopify Theme

Now, why should you use the theme? What advantages do you get, and how does this help you in competing against other store owners?

These benefits are:

  • Free lifetime updates – using Debutify gives you the advantage of being updates by status, notifications, and messages your store gets. It saves you from the time and hassle you can get from manually checking each and every part of your store.
  • Optimized for all niches – this theme’s design and layout is perfect for any product and device. This makes it accessible to any type of seller.
  • Fast loading time – one thing that helps this theme boost sales conversion is its fast loading time. With a speed test of 97, the page can load within only 2 seconds. Fast page load is also important for SEO. Google is not going to rank your pages if your website loads slowly because it does not promote good customer experience.
  • Available in More Than 20 Languages – there are 20+ languages available in the theme and is easy to customize and edit. This makes it easier for users the world to communicate with their target market.
  • Unmatched 24/7 Support – the Debutify theme creators also offer a very hands-on customer service that has helped a lot of users in their dilemmas.
  • Training Courses – the premium training courses will help you learn how to start a successful Shopify store and incorporate significant lessons into your business. However, note that this will only be available if you purchase the Guru plan.
  • Easy to Use – stop wasting time tinkering with themes. Debutify gives you the chance to design and customize your pages without the requirement of mastering coding skills. It has a very simple drag-and-drop feature. It also allows you to create navigational menus that makes it easy for your customers to browse your shop.
  • Full Control – using Debutify gives you full control over your pages. It offers numerous designs and vast options of colors that you can use to customize your product’s platform.
  • Frequent Updates – you can be assured that the theme is constantly improving because it is updated to as frequent as every week.
  • No Security Issues – the only permission needed to be allowed upon installing is the “manage store permission” and does not, in any way, have access to any of the customer’s data so you do not have to worry about privacy breach.

As you can see, the Debutiy Shopify theme gives you a competitive advantage. It is safe and secure, and easy to use.

Debutify Customer Feedback & Reviews

The Debutify Shopify Theme has received much praise from its users—it has received good reviews from those who used both the free and the paid versions.

Chris Wane, a popular YouTuber and digital marketer with a current number of 13,000 subscribers, made a video especially about his experience in using Debutify. He testified that it was worth giving it a try because it boosted his sales.

Ricky Hayes, also a YouTuber who, at the present, has 16,000 subscribers and makes 6 to 7 figures a month as a dropshipper, said, and I quote, “This is the best high converting free theme I have ever encountered, and everyone should use it.” It’s also worth noting that Ricky is heavily involved in promoting this theme.

There are a lot more feedback and rave reviews about the theme from a wide circle of people —from YouTubers, small and big-time entrepreneurs, and even the company’s own members.

Conclusion: Debutify Shopify Theme

To sum it all up, Debutify, Shopify’s #1 sales converting theme, gives a lot of benefits and advantages to the user whether or not they go for the paid version.

It is a powerful marketing platform for entrepreneurs; it is great for those who do not have the knowledge to code, or those who want a great design but do not know where to start.

The theme has a complete set of features that you could ever ask for—from upsell to bundling to pop-ups—you can have it all.

If you are looking for a theme that delivers, use the Debutify Shopify theme. It is affordable and it is built to optimize your store not just for sales but also for search engines. 

Try it free first, and then slowly upgrade as you grow your business with it.

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