Ecom Turbo Review: Is This The Best Shopify Theme?

First-timers in the eCommerce industry do not realize that the theme has a huge impact on the store’s performance. If your theme is slow and you cannot make adjustments, your store is going to suffer.

The good news is that we have Ecom Turbo, a Shopify store theme that was built by a dropshipper—an entrepreneur who knows what kind of theme improves conversion rate.

In this Ecom Turbo review, I will show you what the theme can do, and also help you decide if you should buy it or not.

I will discuss:

  • What is Ecom Turbo?
  • Features of Ecom Turbo
  • Benefits of using Ecom Turbo
  • Who should use Ecom Turbo?
  • Ecom Turbo price: how much is it?

After reading this, you should be able to make an informed decision as to whether Ecom Turbo is going to deliver what you expect from your online store.

What is Ecom Turbo?

Ecom Turbo is a Shopify theme. Instead of you building your website from scratch, you choose a theme, and then that theme serves as the backbone of your website. In this case, a Shopify store.

The theme is what makes a website look what it is. If a website has a sidebar at the right side, that is because the theme was designed that way. If it has a menu on top, it is because the theme was designed that way.

If you build your own website store from scratch, you will write your own HTML code. If you have no idea how HTML works, you will spend years learning how to code. If you hire a coder, you will spend thousands of dollars. This is why only huge corporations can afford to employ coders.

Ecom Turbo is the solution to this problem. You just have to install it, and then you can change its components. It is like using Facebook, and then all you need is to upload your photos and then type your product descriptions.

Ecom Turbo is a reliable theme.


Because the person who created it is Franklin Hatchett.

Franklin is a multi-awarded entrepreneur. He is the man behind successful courses like Ecom Elites and Savage Affiliates.

He has been a dropshipper, course builder, and affiliate marketer for many years. He noticed that many themes do not deliver what it takes to make a store that has a high conversion rate. As such, he created his own theme that will make it easier for entrepreneurs to succeed.

The Ecom Turbo theme is a product of many years of experience. Franklin knows that a store is not just store. He knows that what goes on behind the store is as equally important as to what is happening on the front end.  

Features of Ecom Turbo

Let us explore the features of the theme and see how these features can help you build a profitable Shopify store.

Email Capture – you can offer a coupon or discount code that the site visitor would only get if he subscribed to your email newsletter. This is a lead generation magnet that you will never see on other themes. While other themes allow you to get emails, you cannot give your site visitors an automatic response with a coupon code.

Built-in Scarcity Timer – you no longer need to buy an app like this. Here, you can create timers that you can show t your customers. You can make countdown timers for items that are on sale, making them want to buy your product now, or they will lose the opportunity at a massive discount. This timer is 100 % customizable and comes in four styles.

Upsell – companies like Amazon make a lot of sales because they offer a new product as the customer checks out. This process increases the store’s average order value or AOV. The theme has already incorporated this feature, and you no longer have to pay extra. You can choose what specific products the system will upsell depending on what the customer bought.

Custom Clean Footer – you can clean up your website footer, so your store does not have a lot of clutter. In this case, you will be able to remove elements from your footer that you do not need. You can also customize what you want to put in there.

Create Any Call to Action – you can create a call to action buttons on your home page and your product pages. In typical themes, the only call to action is the Add to Cart button.

Urgency Sales Ticker – this is a notification that shows a site visitor that someone bought the item he is currently looking at. It creates credibility because it is proof that people are buying from your store. You can customize how this ticker looks like.

Simple Easy Trust Badges – without trust badges, your customers will not be able to associate your store with trust and confidence. If you have badges that show known brands like Mastercard or VISA, the natural reaction of your site visitor is that you are a legitimate seller.

As you can see, the theme is built to improve conversion. It has everything you need to build a store that is more likely to convert than an average theme.   

Benefits of using Ecom Turbo

Now that we have discussed the features let us see how these features can directly impact your store’s performance.

Search Engine Optimization

Google does not like webpages that are too slow. Google will index your site, but it is not likely to make your site appear at the top of search results if it is slow.


Because slow websites give bad customer experience. As such, search engines will not recommend your site to their users.

Higher Conversion

The theme is equipped with multiple apps that you can use to convince a customer to buy from discount codes to timers to upsell; everything is already here. It is now a matter of how you will present your products to your customer, and how you will mix and match your products to create bundles where your customers can save money. If you want, you can add a review app like Loox because it is not baked into the theme yet.

Save Money

If you have already built a Shopify store before, you know that it becomes expensive as you go along. You have to buy apps that improve your conversion, and these things cost money.

For example, you can buy an app that allows you to offer discounts, but you have to pay this app $10 a month. This, of course, does not yet include other apps that you need, such as an upsell.

With Ecom Turbo, you no longer need to make several purchases. Upsell and coupon discount codes are already in the theme—just use them and edit them to your liking and make them work for you.

And because you can customize your home page, you are in full control with how you want your store to look like. What this means is that you can create your own brand and improve your credibility. If you are great at designing, you are not limited to what the theme can do—your imagination is your only limit.

Who Should Use Ecom Turbo?

Ecom Turbo is a Shopify theme. Therefore, it only works in the Shopify universe. You cannot use this them on other platforms like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, etc.

You should buy the Ecom Turbo theme if:

  • You want a booster theme – Ecom Turbo is not called this name if it is not fast. The main premise of the theme is to make a store that is responsive. Slow themes make site visitors go away.
  • Conversion rate matters to you – conversion is the key to e-commerce success. The theme is equipped with apps and conversion boosters that you would typically have to buy. It all comes free with this theme.
  • You need a flexible theme – this theme is highly customizable. You can remove and add sections if you want. Most themes will not allow you to do this. You also have the ability to change the colors of the font and other website elements if you want.
  • You want to save on money – the theme costs less than $100. Most themes for the Shopify platform cost at least $180, and they do not even have the same capabilities as this one.

If you already have a store in Shopify or planning to build one, you should get this theme. It has so many apps and functionalities that you can never get from other themes, especially the free ones and those that are sold for less than $50.

Ecom Turbo Theme Price: How Much Is It?

Ecom Turbo is not a free theme. It is sold at three different price points. The plans are called Standard, Unlimited, and Pro.

  • Standard – costs $97 only. At this price point, you can install the theme on only one Shopify store. You can get instant access to the different features offered in the theme’s system, plus you will also receive lifetime updates and support. If you buy this package, you will also get full training on the theme, a bonus Ecom training, plus membership to a private Facebook group.
  • Pro – this is the second most expensive, and it costs $127. With this plan, you can install the theme n three different Shopify stores, plus you get all the benefits and features of the Standard package.
  • Unlimited – this costs $147, and the payment is one-time only. You can use the theme in unlimited Shopify stores. You will get all the benefits of the Standard package.

As you can see, there is no difference between the three packages except the number of stores where you can install and use the theme. If you are currently building only one store, buy the standard package. If you have been in the dropshipping business for a while and you know you will build several stores later, you have to buy the Unlimited package.

The theme has no free demo. However, Franklin offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with it, you can always ask Franklin for a refund.

Before you can ask for a refund, you have to install the theme at least once. The team that made this can track whether or not you used the theme. You should also uninstall the theme before you can ask for a refund. For more details, you can visit the Ecom Turbo refund policy.

Ecom Turbo Review Summary

Your theme is a direct contribution to the success of your e-commerce store. There are many themes out there that are badly designed. Poor design makes it difficult for your customers to navigate your site Worse, you do not have a lot of design capabilities to make your store work in the way you want.

Get the Ecom Turbo theme if you want a Shopify store that works. While the free themes in Shopify are great, they are also used by everybody else. As such, your store is going to look like a “me too” store. If you want a Shopify store that looks different, get the Ecom Turbo theme, and you will not feel sorry.  

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