Pexgle Review: The Best Spy Tool for Ecommerce?

Starting your eCommerce store requires you to have products that are on-demand. You also have to create an efficient marketing strategy since there are a lot of competitors in the market.

Pexgle may help you boost your sales by helping you to find appropriate products for your shop. In addition, it also gives you an idea of how you can market your products easily.

But how does it work? What are the benefits? How much money should I allot for Pexgle?

In this Pexgle Review, you will know the answers to your questions because we will be tackling:

  • What is Pexgle?
  • What are the features of Pexgle?
  • Who should use Pexgle?
  • What are the benefits of Pexgle?
  • Pexgle pricing: how much does it cost?

By the end of this review, you’d surely acquire enough knowledge about Pexgle, and you should be able t decide if you want to use this amazing service.

Pexgle Signup

What is Pexgle?

Pexgle is a kind of service accessible on Shopify – an eCommerce platform – which helps entrepreneurs in looking for the right products to sell. As you can see, it is easy to think of a product to sell, but business-wise does it have a market?

Pexgle allow you to search for on-demand products. It also provides you with some ideas for marketing strategies you can use to improve your conversion rate.

Through Pexgle, you can track and spy other stores at Shopify and analyze their sales. You can also see their metrics, and you can decide based on data what products are trending.

After knowing these details, you can now produce your own effective strategy. You can choose prodcuts that have a market—products that have a demand.

Ultimately, you are running a business without guessing if your chosen products are going to sell. Pexgle also offers various features that would surely make your life easy as you can save time and money.


What are the features of Pexgle?

To provide you with an idea of how it works, and also to help you to decide if this product can help you grow your business, let us talk about the many features of Pexgle. Later on, we will tie these features with the actual benefits you get.

Trending Ads – this feature will let you know what the trending ads are. On a daily basis, the Pexgle artificial intelligence updates this with full analytic details such as reactions, shares, and comments of customers.

You can also see how many shops are advertising their products. In this way, you can know what advertisements are resonating with customers.

You can draw inspiration from these ads. What you can do is to show it to your graphic artist, or you can do it yourself. If these ads are engaging, then you surely can duplicate the success of the original advertiser. 

Best-Selling Products – in this feature, you can easily spy and monitor the sales of other shops. You can see what the best-selling products are. Furthermore, there are no limitations on viewing the products being sold on Shopify. Every detail about the sales of the products on the platform is available for you to check. With the help of the tool, you can decide on the products you are going to sell.

This is probably one of the best features of Pexgle. If you know what is selling, you can jump on the bandwagon and share the piece of the action—no more guesswork here.

The best thing is that if you know what is selling and what type of ad works, you can create a targeted marketing strategy.

Best Facebook Ads – since most internet users are using Facebook, many sellers also use this platform for advertising their products. Through this feature, you can clearly see the best Facebook advertisements.

You can also see the count of views, comments, shares, date of publish, and traffic generated. In addition, there will also be a provided Facebook link that you can visit and check the actual comments. This can help you in creating a clever decision on choosing products.

What you cannot see is how the advertiser targeted the ad recipients. It is up to you to create your customer avatar, and then direct the ads according to specific customer demographics and interests.

Follow Stores – this feature enables you to follow any stores you want. Following a certain store or shop will help you monitor their sales and their best-selling products.

For instance, you want to visit a store you saw on Facebook; you can easily monitor them by copying the URL of the store and visit the tab for this feature. You can get important details regarding their metrics.

What makes this feature great is if you follow a store, you can always check if they have a promotion. If you like what they are doing, you can get inspiration from their marketing efforts and apply them on your own.

Top Stores – this feature allows you to take a peek at the top-performing shops on Shopify. You can have access to the top 500 Shopify stores and see their information.

You can gather ideas from their shops and used this for your store. This feature can save your time on searching manually for stores on Facebook since you can just easily click any on the top 500 stores on Shopify.

If you know the top stores, you know who to follow. You can browse their sites and find out how they deal with refunds. You can even do aa reverse image search to find out where their products are coming from.

Active Ads – most of the stores use Facebook to advertise and promote their shops and generate engaging posts to market their products.

With this feature, you can track the active ads on Facebook, and it has several filters for you to choose. For example, you want to know the active and best posts for the last nine days together with its views, reactions, comments, and shares; you can easily do it.

It also helps you to gather necessary details on any Facebook pages and posts regarding on Shopify stores. The active ads allow you to see what practices are trending in the world. What you want is to be in the same bandwagon and apply the principles to your own ads.  

With these various great features, I am sure you can improve your conversion rate easily since you can build a strong and effective marketing strategy. All you have to do is to use the details and information you have collected from the software.

The best part is that the tool saves you time. Can you just imagine how many days you would spend just to get this information? Even if you have the time, there really is no way for you to get data from these stores unless you have a software.

Checking other stores in Shopify is a nightmare. Shopify has above half a million stores in the world and still counting. Checking them manually and individually will cost you a lot of time and money.

Pexgle Shopify Results

Who Should Use Pexgle?

Pexgle is idea for all online entrepreneurs. It is a great tool for anyone selling products and services via the internet and own stores on Shopify.

Use the Pexgle tool if:

  • You want to start an eCommerce business.
  • You want to formulate decisions according to gathered information.
  • You want to have an efficient marketing strategy.
  • You want to sell products and services that would be loved by customers.
  • You want to save time on selecting the best product for your shop.
  • You want to create ads that would hook more customers.
  • You want to have ideas from the shops that make a lot of sales.
  • You want to discover the successful stores on Shopify.

Pexgle is really suitable for people who want to establish their online business but don’t have enough idea on how they can choose the best product for their shop and market it. It is also a tool that works best for people who want to outdo their competition.

Selling only e is tough, especially so if your product is dime-a-dozen. If you are selling ordinary stuff that others are selling, you would be hard-pressed convincing site visitors to buy. 

Pexgle Features

What are the benefits of Pexgle?

Basically, Pexgle provides you with the reliable and necessary information that you need for your Shopify store.

Aside from this, it also has benefits such as:

  • The dashboard gathers and brings together all the important data and information on your target market with comprehensive detailing.
  • You can easily track and monitor other shops in various categories and concentrate on the marketing portion.
  • You can easily use this because it has a comprehensible interface, continuing free feature updates, and innovative personalization.

Pexgle is a time-saving tool that allows you to spy on your competitors worldwide. With this tool, the main benefit you gain is knowledge. As an entrepreneur, you have to make decisions based in data, not hunches. And Pexgle is going to help you do that.

Pexgle Benefits

Pexgle pricing: how much does it cost?

With all the things that it can do, how much does Pexgle cost?

Pexgle requires users to pay for a service fee. It can be monthly or yearly. Let us take a look at the plans.

  • Pro – $99 per month with a monthly plan; $82.95 per month with a yearly plan. This is the basic package that comes with up to 250 shops for the analyzer, up to 250 pages for monitoring, best-selling products, selected by AI, trending Facebook ads, daily post tracking, active ads, filter metric, multiple collections, and top 10, 000 shops.
  • Guru – $199.95 per month with a monthly plan; $149.95 per month with a yearly plan. This is the most popular package that comes with up to 500 shops for the analyzer, up to 500 pages for monitoring, best-selling products, selected by AI, trending Facebook ads, filter metric, multiple collections, and top 10, 000 shops, multiple users (5 users).
  • Business – $499.95 per month with a monthly plan; $399.95 per month with a yearly plan. This is the most expensive package that comes with up to 1,500 shops for the analyzer, up to 1,500 pages for monitoring, best-selling products, selected by AI, trending Facebook ads, filter metric, multiple collections, and top 30, 000 shops, multiple users (10 users).

If you are just starting out, there is no doubt that you have to use the PRO Plan. Only upgrade once your store is already making a lot of sales.

Pexgle Review Summary

All in all, Pexgle is a very useful service when it comes to establishing your eCommerce business. It is an efficient spy tool for stalking and scrutinizing the top stores and products on Shopify.

It really helps you to save your time on manual searching for shops and products. With its great features, you’d probably achieve your success in the online business industry.

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