ShopInspect Review: An Ecommerce Tool For Data-Driven Product Research

For a business to be successful, it has to rely on data. If you build a dropshipping store, you need to know what products are selling, or you end up groping in the dark, trying to figure out if your chosen product even has a market.

But where do you even start? How do you know what products sell and what tanks?

ShopInspect has taken care of all of these. All you need to do now is to browse—and then decide what to sell in your dropshipping store.

But what is it? How does it work? Is it free?

Today, I will give you closure on all these questions. We will discuss:

  • What is ShopInspect?
  • What are the features of ShopInspect?
  • Who should use ShopInspect?
  • ShopInspect pricing: how much does it cost?

By the end of this ShopInspect Review, you should be armed with actionable and information—enough to allow you to decide if you should give this product a try.

What is ShopInspect?

ShopInspect is a Shopify product research tool software that allows you to spy on other stores, ads, and look for products and how they are performing in terms of sales.

If you have ever used Oberlo, Spocket, or SaleHoo before, the tool is somewhat similar. These three tools that I mentioned are dropship supplier directories that you integrate with your online store. They can provide you with information about what products are selling.

The problem with these tools is that the information you get is limited to their databases. ShopInspect is better. While ShopInspect is not a dropship supplier tool, it does have an algorithm that allows it to see how many products have been sold over time—in many platforms.

ShopInspect Signup

In a nutshell, this is what ShopInspect does:

  • Trawl the internet for products
  • See if these products are trending
  • Tell you the sales growth percentage of each product
  • Scrape the internet for ads; show you how the ads performed

With ShopInspect, you can even get free video ads for some products. You can use these videos for marketing your own store instead of paying someone from Fiverr to make the video for you.

ShopInspect can even show you the best performing stores out there that are built on Shopify. As such, you can draw inspiration from these stores—you can study how their landing pages are designed, what texts and images the use to improve their conversion rate what apps and tools they integrated to make their stores look more professional, and so much more.

To fully appreciate what ShopInspect can do for you, let me show you the tool’s features and benefits.

What are the features of ShopInspect? 

To help you decide if you need this tool, let us go through the features—decide later if you think this software can benefit you and your business.

  • Powerful Dashboard – all of the features are accessible from one powerful dashboard. The left panel of your dashboard is your main control area from which you can access all the tools.
  • ShopInspect Learning – there are videos uploaded here to help you become better as an online retailer. For example, you will have access to videos that show the top-selling stores in the Shopify Universe. There are also videos that teach you how to use the tool.
  • Hot Trending Products – this is the most essential feature of the software. It allows you to view various products, and then you can see a quick snapshot of how they are performing in the market.

For example, a product may have only been bought 60 times last month but may have sold 384 this month. What this means is that it is gaining traction and that there is a demand.

  • Viral Product Search – this is a search bar where you enter a keyword for a certain type of product. The software is going to return results. This result page does not only show you products that are related to your search; these are products that are selling like pancakes in the market at the time of your query.
  • My Videos – this is a repository of videos that you created. After choosing a product, you can create a video clip made of still images. You can download the video and then use it on Facebook for your ads. You no longer need to pay for an expensive video editing software to get this done.
  • AdInspect – this toll scrapes Facebook and Instagram ads. The way it works is like a search engine. There is a search bar, and you have to input a keyword in the search bar. The search engine will return a list of images and videos of ads. You can click on each ad and see how it has performed.

While you cannot copy the ad, you can begin to understand why the ad worked—you can improve your copywriting skills or use the same elements to make your own ads more effective.

  • Shopify Shop Search – if you are at a loss how to design your store, fret no more. This feature allows you to input keywords, and the tool will return a list of URLs of Shopify stores. All of these stores contain the keyword you typed, and you will see how their store is built.
  • Top Shopify Stores – if what you want is to see the best Shopify stores out there, just click this tab from your dashboard, and you will see a list of the best-performing stores in Shopify. Below this is Trending Shopify Stores—these are stores that are showing a growth in sales over the last few months.

As you can see, the software is the ultimate spying tool you need to see the real deal. You no longer have to limit your search for data on specific platforms like Oberlo, SaleHoo, or AliExpress. The algorithm of this software specifically targets Shopify stores.

If you do not know it yet, Shopify has over half a million stores globally. That is a huge number of stores that you can spy on, and it is continuously growing.

With ShopInspect, you can find trending products and act quickly—you can display the product on your store before they even become viral.

ShopInspect Dashboard

This way, you have gotten a head start against other dropshippers or online retailers who do not use the ShopInspect system. Couple that with the video-creation tool and you are way ahead of your competitors.

Who should use ShopInspect? 

ShopInspect is not just for dropshippers. It is for all online retailers who are selling physical products online.

You should use ShopInspect if:

  • You plan to build an online retail store
  • You want to make decisions based on data
  • You only want to sell products that the market loves
  • You want to eliminate guesswork from your product selection
  • You need guidance on how you should make your ads
  • You want to get inspiration from Shopify stores that make a lot of sales
  • You want to see how other successful Shopify stores look like

ShopInspect is best for beginners who want to build their dropshipping business on the right foundation. Too many times, dropshippers choose a product as a passion project, but they do not realize that what they love does not translate into a wide market.

Do not make this failure. Just because you love rubber shoes doesn’t mean there is a huge market for it. The best thing you can do is to allow a tool like ShopInspect to guide your business decision. If you use it, you may see that the product you have chosen—say, a drone—isn’t really in demand.

ShopInspect Products

As such, you will not insist on selling this type of product, knowing that there is no market for it. Instead of wasting your time uploading products that do not sell, you upload items that are in demand.

Instead of you trying to advertise in ways that the market does not respond to, you can get insights from other ads that work.

ShopInspect Pricing: How Much Does it Cost? 

ShopInspect is not free, but it does come at different price points. It also comes with a free trial. The two plans are called Standard and Legendary.

Standard Plan

This plan costs $39 per month. The subscription is paid on a monthly basis. If you want to save money, you have the option to pay it on an annual basis. Should go for this second option, you will only pay $16 per month, but it is paid one-time for the year (total of $190).

With the Standard Plan, you do not get the AdInspect function, but you get all the rest of the features. Below is the list of features and your limitations.

  • Hot Trending Products
  • Shopify Product Search
  • Shopify Shop Search
  • Top Shopify Stores
  • Trending Shopify Stores

For all these features, you get a maximum of ten searches per day. Despite this limitation, you will still have access to the closed Facebook Group, plus you will also get access to the live training that the company publishes every week.  

Legendary Plan

The Legendary Plan costs $47 per month. If you want to save money, purchase this on an annual basis. If you do, the price drops down significantly to $19 per month, but you have to pay for the full year ($228).

Here are the inclusions of the Legendary Plan:

  • AdInspect
  • Hot Trending Products
  • Shopify Product Search
  • Shopify Shop Search
  • Top Shopify Stores
  • Trending Shopify Stores

For all of these features, you have a maximum of 250 searches per day. Like the Standard plan, you will also get access to the Facebook Group and weekly live training sessions.

Get the Standard Plan if you are just starting out. Get the Legendary Plan if you already have a big store. On both plans, it is best that you get the monthly paid plan because you can cancel your subscription at any time.

On the other hand, the Legendary Plan comes really handy if you are in a niche whose trend changes so fast. For example, clothing and electronics. Both of these niches change directions that you need a tool like ShopInspect to guide you what is hot and what is not.  

ShopInspect Review Summary

ShopInspect is for the savvy businessperson. It is always a great idea to invest in tools that give you data. Data can provide insights and stories that help you eliminate guesswork.

One of the reasons why dropshippers fail is they make business decisions based on hunches—while this can work for some people, it is not guaranteed to work for everyone.

ShopInspect is the only tool you need to find out what products are in demand. Moreover, you can also spy on the ads of your competitors and see which ones are working. If you see that the ads have a lot of engagement, then you certainly need to get inspiration from that ad.

Stop the guesswork—use ShopInspect and beat your competition with data-driven decisions.

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