uDroppy Review: Dropshipper’s Dream Come True?

uDroppy claims that it will take your business from zero to hero. But what is it?

If you go to the company’s website, you may get confused as to what the company really has to offer. No, it is not like AliExpress. And no, it is more than what Oberlo or Spocket offers.

So what is it?

I will answer all the questions you have about uDroppy today. My specific focus areas are the four pillars of its services.

These are:

  • Services for Dropshippers
  • Services for Brand Owners
  • Services for Advertisers
  • Services for Buyers

After this uDroppy review, you should have a clear understanding of how uDroppy works, and know whether it has services that you can use for your business.

Services for Dropshippers

Most dropshippers source their product from AliExpress. Sadly, the quality of these products is questionable. Worse, many dropship supplier tools like Oberlo, Spocket, and Dropified source their suppliers form AliExpress.

Your alternative is uDroppy. If you register for an account, you can find hot and fast-selling products on the platform. Once a customer orders a product from your website, you can contact the uDroppy supplier, and then that supplier will ship the item to your customer.

Here are the features of the platform:

  • Product variation – there are thousands of products to choose from. These products are not just from China—they come from different parts of the world.
  • Product request – if you have seen a product online and you want to sell the same, you can post this request on the platform. A supplier will find a way to supply that item to you so you can also sell it even if it is not found in AliExpress!
  • 1-Click Import – like other dropshipping tools, you can import the product from uDroppy with a click of a button; you do not have to copy and paste the images and details manually.
  • Drop shipping fulfillment – you have a dashboard where you can fulfill all the orders; you no longer need to go to the supplier’s website to order the item and pay for it.
  • Refunds – uDroppy has a protection policy where you can get a refund if the reason for the return meets these conditions.
  • Dedicated manager – you will receive the help and support of a dedicated e-commerce manager. You can coordinate with them on a daily basis.
  • Global coverage – suppliers in uDroppy ship to 195+ countries. Unlike AliExpress, the suppliers here use fast shipment methods.
  • Trackable Shipping – all products you buy here have a tracking number that you can give to your customer. As such, your customers know where their items are. If you work with other suppliers, they will not give you a tracking code.

uDroppy is different from Oberlo because of Oberlo only sources of products from AliExpress. Dropified, on the other hand, sources products from AliExpress and eBay.

Products on uDroppy do not come from AliExpress sellers; they come straight from the factory. There are more than 900 manufacturers that supply uDroppy with products.

With uDroppy, you will also receive automated notifications about your invoices. These invoices are sent to your email address for accounting purposes. And yes, you can integrate a uDroppy with your Shopify store.

uDroppy Services

Services for Brand Owners

Whether you have created your own product or you want to use white-label, you ca mass-produce your product and label them as your own. Nope, you do not have to build your own factory. What you can do is to find a manufacturer from uDroppy who will brand the items for you.

Let us say you want to sell lipsticks, and you want to use your brand name, like “ABC Lips.” What you can do is to find a manufacturer in uDroppy, and then you can order the ready-made lipstick. If you like it, you can order many pieces and have the manufacturer stamp them as ABC Lips. You can even order your own packaging.

Here are the things you can get from this supplier solution:

  • Product sourcing – you can ask the uDroppy team to source products for you; you can get samples and then order the minimum order requirement to have them stamped with your brand name on it.
  • COD – uDroppy offers cash on delivery. In some countries, they have a culture where they only pay by COD. But how do you do it? uDroppy takes care of it. They will charge your customer with cash on delivery, and then uDroppy will remit your sale to your account.
  • Virtual warehouse – once your products are branded, you can ask uDroppy to store your items in different parts of the world. This way, you can sell your products globally and then ship as fast as possible. This is great if you want your items shipped within a couple of days. You can manage all of these via your dashboard.  
  • Order fulfillment – since your products are in the uDroppy warehouses, you will use the same order fulfillment tools. You do not need to keep inventory in your house. Just process the order and uDroppy will take care of the shipping.
  • White Label – you can choose any product that is already mass-manufactured, and then you can white label them—you can ask the suppliers to print and pack your goods with your brand name on it.  

Now, what if you created your own product? You can ask the uDroppy manufacturer to create a prototype and then send the product to you. If you like it, you can order the product and have it branded with your name.  

As you can see, this is a great option if you want your business to be unique. With this white label service, you no longer have to operate a “me too” store!

uDroppy Review

Services for Advertisers

What is an advertiser?

An advertiser is a person who promotes the products found on uDroppy. In short, it is an affiliate marketer. In this service, you are going to promote the products found in uDroppy—the same with how you promote products found in Amazon.

If a customer buys, you will get a commission.

Now, what uDroppy did is a little different. Instead of you promoting the items, you buy the item from uDroppy manufacturers. And then, you work with uDroppy. uDroppy will find affiliate marketers for you, and then it is you who gives commission to your affiliate marketers.

This is how it works:

  • You find a product in uDroppy that you want to ell
  • You brand that product as your own
  • You create an affiliate marketing program in uDroppy
  • You and your affiliate marketers market your product
  • Customers order from your store
  • uDroppy ships the item

With this program, you will focus on your marketing and not with manufacturing. You will also not focus on the shipping because uDroppy is the one that ships. If you do this, you will also have access to the virtual warehouse.

So, just imagine if you found an exercise machine in uDroppy. Let us say it is an Ab Roller. What you can do is to order the minimum amount, pay for it, and then brand it as your own.

The next step is to have a massive marketing campaign. If your customers order your Ab Roller, uDroppy ships it, not you. You can even offer your Ab Roller as cash on delivery!

Services for Buyers

Now, what does this really mean?

The buyer platform is for people who want to do white label. Remember what we discussed about brand owners? This is the service you have to get to become a brand owner.

Here are the things you can expect:

  • Product sourcing – there are thousands of suppliers on uDroppy. All you need to do is to choose who you want to work with.
  • Get quotations – you can send the details of the product you want to get manufactured, and uDroppy suppliers will send you a quotation. You then have to choose which among these suppliers will work with you. Try to work with several suppliers to get quotes and samples. This way, you have options.
  • Fast sampling – once you have selected your suppliers, expect the supplier to make a sample ad send it to you. uDroppy claims that this process is hyper-fast, which means you will receive the samples in less than a month—which already include the prototype phase. Once you have received the samples, you can now decide who is going to be your manufacturer-partner.
  • COD – once you have a contract and the items have been manufactured, you can warehouse the products with uDroppy. They will be the ones to ship the items to your customer, and then they can charge through cash on delivery.
  • Global logistics – uDroppy has warehouses over the world, and also different shipping couriers. They will take care of choosing how the shipments are made to ensure that your customers receive their orders really fast.

As you can see, uDroppy is not just a drop ship provider. You can order products here that you can sell your store, or you can order products made according to your specification.

uDroppy Pricing: How Much Does it Cost? 

uDroppy comes at four plans. All these plans apply to any of the four services we discussed earlier. Let us take a look at each plan.

Free – great for dropshippers. At this plan, you can connect uDroppy with one store, import a maximum of ten products per month, and then process unlimited orders. This plan has no dedicated e-com manager, and you have no access to virtual warehousing, product requests, or other features.

Traction – this costs $49 per month, and you will get unlimited product imports. There is no access to an e-com manager, and you only have eight product requests per month. You cannot use private label products, and you cannot customize your packages.

Pro – this is the plan you need if you want to sell products with your own brand name. At this plan, you get 20 support calls with a manager, plus you can now brand your items, plus you have access to the virtual warehouse.

Platinum – this costs $249 per month, and you will get all the features and benefits of the platform. All the features on platinum are the same with Pro, but you get 35 support calls in this plan, along with ten connected stores.

If you are just starting out, I strongly suggest that you register for the free account. You can only upload ten products a month, but this is going to build up as time goes on.

uDroppy Review Summary

uDroppy is like an all-in-one solution provider for different types of entrepreneurs. You can use the dropshipping service if you are a dropshipper—source products from suppliers who would ship directly to your customers. If you are a brand owner, you can find white label manufacturers who can fabricate r mass-produce your products.

Take a look at uDroppy and see if it’s the right solution for you!

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